Mentorship Program

The MRWBA continues its long tradition of mentoring Women Law Students Association members at the University of Richmond School of Law. Last year over 40 students requested mentors. MRWBA also matches new attorneys with seasoned attorney mentors for a year. Each year, participants in the program are invited to a fall reception with the Women Law Students Association at the University of Richmond and a spring reception hosted by MRWBA. Mentors can also bring student mentees to monthly MRWBA luncheons at the discounted member rate.

“MRWBA paired me up with a great mentor who worked in my desired practice area. Beginning with my first year of law school, we met every couple of months for lunch, and we’re still in touch after 8 years. She has been a great resource to me, a friend, and now, a colleague.” – Joanna Suyes

Mentors: I hope you all have had a chance to connect and spend some time with your mentees.  Please send me any pictures of your gatherings so we can include them on our website (via text 804.402.2489 or email  Also, save February 22, 2018 for a mid-winter joint mentorship and membership social!  Finally, we are thrilled to announce that the Mentor/Mentee trip to the United States Supreme Court will be on February 26, 2018Mentors, please email me if you would like to attend this special trip.  We have limited spots and they will be given on a first come, first serve basis.



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