Women of Achievement Award

MRWBA is proud to present its 2017 Women of Achievement Award to Colleen M. Colleen-QuinnQuinn.  Colleen is a partner at Locke & Quinn, a past president of the MRWBA, and a tireless advocate for her clients. 

Colleen has been practicing law in the Richmond area since 1988.  She is dedicated to advocating for women, families and the LGBT community as is evidenced by the creation of the Adoption & Surrogacy Law Center and the Women’s Injury Law Center at Locke & Quinn.  In addition to Colleen’s professional success, she is involved in many organizations that give back to the community, including the Richmond YWCA, National Association of Women Business Owners, and the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia.   

Colleen’s list of accomplishments goes well beyond these highlights and we look forward to celebrating her at the December luncheon and expanding on her illustrious career.

MRWBA Women of Achievement Award Recipients

2017    Colleen M. Quinn
2016    The Honorable Mary B. Malveaux and Shannon Taylor
2015    Tara L. Casey
2014    The Honorable M. Hannah Lauck
2013    The Honorable Mary E. Langer
2012    Stephanie E. Grana
2011    The Honorable Catherine C. Hammond
2010   Pamela S. Belleman
2009   The Honorable Cleo E. Powell
2008   The Honorable Audrey J. Franks and Maya Eckstein
2007   Karen Ann Gould
2006   Phoebe P. Hall
2005   Jacquelyn Stone
2004   Ann T. Burks and Barbara M. Rose
2003   Phyllis C. Katz
2002   Sharon S. England and Carolyn C. Lavecchia
2001    Darrel Tillar Mason
2000   Mary R. Spain
1999    Barbara Ann Williams
1998    Virginia H. Hackney and Barbara L. Hulburt
1997    Virginia S. Duvall
1996    Patricia M. Schwarzchild and Anne Marie Whittemore
1995    The Honorable Jean W. Cunningham, The Honorable Anne B. Holton,
Linda F. Rigsby, The Honorable Beverly W. Snukals
1994    Claire G. Cardwell,The Honorable Bonnie C. Davis, The Honorable Elizabeth B.                  Lacy,  Julie D. McClellan, Sharon O’Donnell, Virginia W. Powell, Debra                                J.Prillaman, and Karen A. Raschke

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