Next Luncheon Registration

February Luncheon
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
12:30pm – 2:00pm
Westwood Club
Topic:  Women & Finance
Registration coming soon!


MRWBA Luncheon Reservation Policy

1. Luncheon reservations must be canceled by sending an e-mail to Administrative Assistant prior to 12:00 p.m. on the Monday immediately prior to the scheduled luncheon. Pre-paid reservations canceled prior to the registration deadline will be refunded in full minus any transaction fee charged for the payment.

2. Luncheon reservations are transferable. A member or non-member who registers for the luncheon but is unable to attend may transfer his or her registration to another person by sending an e-mail to  the Administrative Assistant. Members who attend in place of registered non-members will be charged the member price for the luncheon. Non-members who attend in place of registered members will be charged the non-member price.

3.  A member or non-member who registers for a luncheon but fails to attend or cancel prior to the deadline stated in paragraph one (1) and/or fails to transfer the registration prior to the luncheon as stated in paragraph two (2) will be charged for the luncheon and billed.

4. The Luncheon Policy will be placed on the Next Luncheon Registration page of the MRWBA website, on the luncheon invitation e-mailed by Administrative Assistant and on the registration confirmation e-mailed by Administrative Assistant.

5.  This policy may be waived at the discretion of an Officer or Finance Chair.

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