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2017-2018 Membership Application

Membership Levels

Full Membership:  All attorneys at law who are members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar, or any other state or district Bar in the United States, and who reside or work in the Metropolitan Richmond area. 

Associate Membership: Any person who is a student enrolled in a law school in Virginia, or is in the process of reading and studying law in the office of a lawyer practicing in Virginia, or is a graduate of an accredited law school who is not admitted to practice law in Virginia or any other state and who reside in the Metropolitan Richmond area, or has otherwise met the qualifications for full membership but does not reside or work in the Metropolitan Richmond area.

Honorary Membership: Judges

New/ Recent Membership: Any person who has been admitted to the Bar or has graduated from law law school in the past 12 months.

Annual Dues

(online payments include Paypal fee) 
Full Membership $100.00
Associate Membership $50.00
Honorary Membership Waived
Recent Graduate Waived
New Bar Admittee Waived

Questions? Contact Britney McPheron, Membership Chair, or Erin Jackson, Executive Administrator.


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