Woman of Achievement Awards

Nominations Sought for the MRWBA Woman of Achievement Award!

As our members know all too well, women lawyers often feel ‘invisible’ to firm, corporate and government leaders when it comes to being recognized for the work they do. To help us address this issue on a local level, each year the MRWBA Woman of Achievement Award recognizes a member who “exemplifies legal professionalism.” Our list of past honorees reads like a virtual Who’s Who of the Metro Richmond women's legal community, and we need your help to find the 2022 Woman of Achievement!

Click here for criteria and the nomination form.

All nominations are due no later than April 8th. Questions? E-mail Awards Chair Blaire Hawkins O’Brien.


Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Award Winners!

MRWBA is proud to present it's Annual Woman of Achievement Award  to both Judge Elizabeth Hanes and Judge Jayne Pemberton (pictured below).

 Judge Elizabeth HanesJudge Jayne Pemberton 

Previous Honorees

Judge Elizabeth Hanes and Judge Jayne Pemberton (2020/2021)

Carolyn Grady and Teri Miles (2019)

Julie McConnell (2018)

Colleen M. Quinn (2017)

The Honorable Mary B. Malveaux and Shannon Taylor (2016)
Tara L. Casey (2015)
The Honorable M. Hannah Lauck (2014)
The Honorable Mary E. Langer (2013)
Stephanie E. Grana (2012)
The Honorable Catherine C. Hammond (2011) 
Pamela S. Belleman (2010)
The Honorable Cleo E. Powell (2009)
The Honorable Audrey J. Franks and Maya Eckstein (2008)
Karen Ann Gould (2007)
Phoebe P. Hall (2006)

Jacquelyn Stone (2005)
Ann T. Burks and Barbara M. Rose (2004)

Phyllis C. Katz (2003)
Sharon S. England and Carolyn C. Lavecchia (2002)
Darrel Tillar Mason (2001)
Mary R. Spain (2000)
Barbara Ann Williams (1999)
Virginia H. Hackney and Barbara L. Hulburt (1998)
Virginia S. Duvall (1997)
Patricia M. Schwarzchild and Anne Marie Whittemore (1996)
The Honorable Jean W. Cunningham, The Honorable Anne B. Holton,
Linda F. Rigsby, The Honorable Beverly W. Snukals (1995)
Claire G. Cardwell, The Honorable Bonnie C. Davis, The Honorable Elizabeth B. Lacy, Julie D. McClellan, Sharon O’Donnell, Virginia W. Powell, Debra J. Prillaman, Karen A. Raschke (1994)

MRWBA itself has been recognized on a number of occasions for a variety of our programs.  Click here to see the awards we have been honored to receive.

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